Mobile banking app where clients can open and manage deposits & credits, view their transactions history and statistics, manage cards and order new ones, receive cashback, pay for municipal or business services, send and receive money from any person or business around the world by card number, phone or IBAN credentials and much more!

Standard License – Not Available

Advanced License Options – $3000

– Application design & prototype with rights to modify it as you like
– One week of support (I can make all the changes you need)

Full License Options – $300.000

0. $3000 pre-payment to start a negotiations
1. Website for your bank with all needed pages in desktop and mobile versions
2. Apps for iOS and Android (Windows/Mac are optional)
3. Online banking (web version) for clients
4. Admin portal for Managers, Support and Supervisors (separate section for system administrators)
5. Simple and clean interfaces for all kind of bank’s ATMs
6. Web & Print ads & branding
7. 3-years priority support
8. Optional chatbot system for clients (subscription not included)
9. Complete rights on the UI & UX I’ll made for you & removing this item from store


By pressing “pay now” button, you are accepting licence agreement.